Artist and Poet   

"As a visual artist, photographer and  poet 

I am always seeking "the life within life", as

Elizabeth Barrett Browning once wrote. Paying attention to one's inner experiences and seeing the world through the eyes of a child has been my practice, as much as learning and refining the craft demanded by the mediums that have chosen me.

I am often asked about my relationship between my visual work and my writing, which I will say more about in my blog. These two soul-languages, half-conscious and parallel, never cease to surprise me in what they reveal and how they speak to each other, when I stand back to look.

To seek beauty and meaning in the world and in the story of one's life, I believe is not only

the calling of artists, but of all of us here sharing the Earth who aspire to becoming more human."






The Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi is a wisdom Tanya cultivates both in her 

 collection of materials and in the process of creating. A sensibility which has no direct translation to English, Wabi-Sabi is sometimes defined as “the beauty of things impermanent and incomplete”. Much more than an aesthetic, she believes it touches a universal longing for genuineness, acceptance, and a sense of reverence.

A native of Quebec's rural Eastern Townships, Tanya holds a Bachelor

of Fine Arts from Bishops University. Her work can be found

in collections internationally.