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Growing up on a farm in rural Quebec that had been in my family for several generations, my greatest early influence was my grandfather,  a wonderfully evocative storyteller who imparted his deep knowledge of the natural world with a sense of infinite wonder and reverence. 

Learning to read at age 4, I fell in love with books and read every dusty 19th century hardbound novel around, their language and landscapes forming indelible pictures that I spent long hours drawing. 

As a teenager, still immersed in literature, I did not question pursuing an artistic path, completing a collegial fine arts training, while also studying herbalism, creating gardens and working on organic farms. Following my son's early years, whose Waldorf education affirmed the value of the arts, I returned to study, taking classes in just about everything but concentrating in Fine Arts, where a practice of writing in conjunction with my visual art developed , and a first chapbook, MILK BLOOD ROOTS was born.

Soon after graduating, the body of work called Agrarian Ruins & Remnants of Desire was exhibited internationally, and for several years I expanded upon this theme, working in various mediums, including photography.

My first full-length collection, set to be by McGill-Queens University Press in their Hugh MacLennan Poetry Series. is forthcoming in 2022. Entitled THE HOUSE YOU WERE BORN IN, it is an assemblage of the memories that marked my early years. 

A recent training in Biography Work has inspired a foray into a new dimension through working with individuals and groups in exploring life-stories through art and poetry. Themed workshops via Zoom TBA.

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