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     Arriving in the world on an ancestral farm in rural Quebec, my greatest early influence was my grandfather, a Celtic-blooded storyteller who imparted his deep knowledge of the natural world with a sense of infinite wonder.

     As a young person, I pursued a training in fine arts,  alongside the study of plants and herbs, working on organic farms while creating innovative gardens as artistic sanctuaries, . With a strong interest in mysticism, Romanticism, religion and mythology, I encountered the teachings and diverse initiatives of the philosopher/mystic Rudolf Steiner through my son's Waldorf education, and became an ardent student of anthroposophy. 

    Attending classes in nearly everything, from theater to philosophy to psychology in my early thirties, I found visual arts again at the center, where in conjunction, a writing practice began to take hold. For several years, I expanded upon a body of visual work across various mediums that I called Agrarian Ruins & Remnants of Desire, which evolved to focus on the written word and over time developed into the collage of poems called THE HOUSE YOU WERE BORN IN.

(McGill-Queens University Press,  Hugh MacLennan Poetry Series 2022) Other poetic manuscripts are presently in the works!

   A recent 3-year training in the field known as Biography Work brought a foray into a new dimension as a facilitator of groups and one on one experiences in awakening to the golden thread of meaning in our life 's story, using the arts to kindle insight and memory. Experiments in wedding poetry and biography work are underway! Join my mailing list for upcoming offerings.

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