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     Arriving in the world on a farm in rural Quebec that had been in my family for several generations, my greatest early influence was my grandfather, a charismatic Celtic-blooded storyteller who imparted his deep knowledge of the natural world with a sense of infinite wonder.

     Reading from an early age, I devoured every dusty 19th century hardbound novel around,  their language and landscapes forming indelible pictures in my young imagination. A fine arts training followed, alongside studying plants and herbs as I created gardens as sanctuaries, also working on organic and biodynamic farms. My son's Waldorf education opened essential doors in my thinking, and when I returned to study, I took classes in just about everything, though concentrating in visual art where a practice of writing in conjunction with my visual work developed.

   The body of work called Agrarian Ruins & Remnants of Desire was widely exhibited, and for several years I expanded upon this theme, working in various mediums, eventually focusing more on the written word, which resulted ina full-length poetry collection ( McGill-Queens University Press,  Hugh MacLennan Poetry Series 2022), THE HOUSE YOU WERE BORN IN, a book which arose from an assemblage of memories that marked my early years. A number of others are in the works, including RED BIRD ON CALICO: the Love Poems, STORY GIRL, first green and summer sounds, and the chapbook, November's Threshing Floor.

    A recent 3-year training in the field known as Biography Work brought a foray into a new dimension as a facilitator of groups and one on one experiences in awakening to the golden thread of meaning in our life 's story, using the arts to kindle insight and memory.