"quatrain with blue"
"a falcon, a storm, or a song"
"view from the haymow"
"quartet in grey tones"
"copper and shutter"
"who by fire"
nude VII
"patchwork and clothesline"
"Eve's apples"
"my heart is in a cage" installation
"falconry II"
"river song"
"her name written in the frost"
"ink blue fence"
"agrarian ruin"
"leather and muted vibrato"
"bluebird and fencepost"
"wild geese"
"sky's acetylene"
"east of the fallen rails"
"blue journey"
"tillers of the soil"
"milkweed and barnboard"
"once upon a time"
"november across the field"
"witness bearer"
section of "Horse Blanket"
"red bird and nail"
"red onion and dove"
"falconry IV" or "constantly a cry"
"des phosphores chanteuses"
"the onyx and the pearl"
"we are perennial and raveling"
"blackbird III"
"flamenco in red"
"flash of union"
"for Hamlet"
"swath and sky"
"study IV"
"in the belly of earth's dreams"
"second stanza"
"flamenco V"