"inheritance"  $800
"hammerstrokes"  $1600
"quatrain with blue"  $1950
"a falcon, a storm, or a song"SOLD
"view from the haymow" SOLD
"the onyx and the pearl" $675
"blackbird" SOLD
"quartet in grey tones" $2000
"copper and shutter" SOLD
"who by fire" $3000
"patchwork and clothesline" $1100
"Eve's apples" SOLD
"my heart is in a cage" installation
"falconry II" $475
"bluebird" SOLD
"river song" $400
"her name written in the frost"SOLD
"iris" $125
"ink blue fence" $350
"agrarian ruin" SOLD
"belted galloways" SOLD
"leather and muted vibrato" $315
"swallow" SOLD
"bluebird and fencepost" SOLD
"fossil poetry I" SOLD
"fossil poetry I" SOLD
"wild geese" $775
"Black Raspberry" SOLD
"sky's acetylene" $280
"Fossil Poetry II" SOLD
"east of the fallen rails" SOLD
"blue journey"SOLD
"tillers of the soil" $375
"milkweed and barnboard"SOLD
"once upon a time" SOLD
"november across the field" $325
"witness bearer" $410
section of "Horse Blanket"
"horizon" $325
"red bird and nail" SOLD
"red onion and dove" $650
"falconry IV" or "constantly a cry"
"des phosphores chanteuses"
"the onyx and the pearl"
"perennial raveling" $315
"blackbird III" SOLD
"flamenco in red" SOLD
"flash of union" SOLD
"Hamlet's quandary" SOLD
"swath and sky" SOLD
"study IV" SOLD
"in the belly of earth's dreams"
"persona" $825
"second stanza" SOLD
"flamenco V" SOLD

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